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NIUBOX,  Peruvian “New Law” firm opens new office in Quito, Ecuador as part of its international expansion. 

NIUBOX is a pioneer firm, specialized in providing legal advice in technology, digital businesses and legal innovation. Niubox is inspired around the principles of the “New Law” aiming to break the mold of traditional legal services. 

Niubox Ecuador will offer specialized legal advice to technology companies and digital businesses as well cutting edge startups. Niubox services also include legal innovation training and consultancy services for legal departments based in legal design thinking and legal project management among other trends shaping the future of the delivery of legal services. Niubox is supported by its director and founder, Oscar Montezuma Panez, a renowned Peruvian seasoned attorney with 15 years of professional experience in technology law, digital businesses and legal innovation in the Latin American region, and Diego Álvarez, an Ecuadorian attorney  specialized in technology law, telecommunications regulation, data protection and legal innovation who will be the Country Manager of the Ecuadorian office. Diego has 7 years of professional experience having worked in top-level firms in Ecuador and holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications, Data Protection and Information Society at Carlos III University of Madrid.

Niubox holds an interesting portfolio of clients which include global technology companies from the Fortune 500 list and startups that have developed disruptive technologies. Likewise, other companies in different sectors of the economy experiencing intensive digital transformation processes. 

Niubox’s practice has received important international recognitions, such as Chambers & Partners  which highlights Oscar Montezuma as leading practitioner in Telecommunications, Media and Technology and Leaders League highlighting  Niubox as the only “Leading firm” in data protection and cybersecurity.   

Within their “New Law model”, they introduce elements that guarantee a corporate culture based on horizontality and flexibility with a sense of purpose. In addition to this, they stand out as having eliminated hourly rates and time tracking replacing them with client satisfaction indicators. 

Some of the services that NIUBOX will offer in Ecuador are: telecommunications regulation, data protection, cybersecurity, public and regulatory affairs in technology, legal support in digital transformation processes, legal innovation, legaltech and legal advice for digital businesses. 

The current situation has forced the digital transformation of the economy which requires awareness on the legal challenges associated with this new reality. In this context, NIUBOX becomes a natural ally for Ecuadorian businesses, offering a legal service with a human perspective that prioritizes customer satisfaction.



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